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Further to recent exceptional rainfall causing silt run-off from the fields above Bush, and resulting in significant damage to several properties, the Parish Council has formed a working group to better understand how and why such issues occur, and how we as a Parish might address/mitigate the effects. Members of the working group are Alan Cable, Josh Schwieso, Mike Hodson, David Jeanes and Philip Ham.

There is no simple solution – flooding and silt run-off affects different properties at different times, and at the moment we have insufficient information with which to build a picture of the risks and possible mitigations.

It has been suggested that the recent occurrence might have been caused by ‘rogue’ farming practices, but it is important to understand that normal, modern faming practices were adhered to and nothing untoward took place. However, local farmers can definitely play a part in mitigating the effects of modern farming practices, as can Somerset Council and land owners in their management of ditches, drains and gullies.

The Chair of our working group – Alan Cable – will be meeting with local people, including farmers, in the coming weeks and would like to hear from anyone who would like to have input. His phone number is 01278 671344 and his email address is alanhornergroup@gmail.com.

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Report from the Flooding Sub-committee March 2024

Report from the Flooding Sub-committee December 2023

Report from the Flooding Sub-committee November 2023

Meeting held Friday 3 Nov 23.

Present: Gillian Wintle, Mike Hodson, Alan Cable. Apologies: Martin Brown

General. Currently we are missing a lot of information that will enable us to be able to take appropriate actions to either mitigate or stop flooding within the parish. We have therefore agreed to undertake a twofold approach the issue. Firstly, we will work to gather and record as much information as possible from local people concerning the flooding in their area and their understanding of the causes. Secondly, based on the analysis of the information we gather we will create a parish plan, with policies and procedures, that will equip us as a parish to understand our flood risks and how to manage and mitigate them. This document will be much broader than simply flooding and look at other emergency situations that we might be presented with.

Immediate actions agreed.

  1. Create a reporting form on the Parish Council website. AC
  2. Investigate creating a Flood WhatsApp group for reporting and warning. MH
  3. Write an article for the next SCN. AC/GW (15 Nov 23)

Other actions that are currently occurring.

  1. We have contacted Jo Oborne of FWAG (Farmers and Wildlife Advisory Group) and requested that we work together and benefit from their expertise and resources. She is currently arranging a meeting with Cannington Enterprises to discuss local land usage and we have asked to be involved. She wishes also to talk to local farmers.
  2. We are talking with certain local people who have expertise in drainage and meteorology to co-opt as required into the sub-committee.
  3. We are getting together maps and other resources that will enable us to understand our parish drainage infrastructure, choke points, land usage and management.
  4. We are starting to make contacts with all authorities with whom we need to build relationships to help us deliver our local plan. E.g. Wessex Water, Highways, Cannington Enterprises, Somerset Council, Dowborough LCN, Ordnance Survey, Met Office.

Flooding – November 2023

We have received the following from the Environment Agency:

Good afternoon,

Following the widespread effects of Storm Ciarán both on the coast and inland, we would like to stress the importance of reporting flooding. If your home or business has flooded, please make sure you report it as soon as you are able to. There are lots of reasons why you should report flooding, most importantly so authorities and agencies can respond to close roads, unblock gullies, and provide an emergency response if required.

While we do have a significant number of staff out on the ground, due to the scale of the event we are unable to cover all areas. We are seeking to build a comprehensive picture of impacts across Wessex so we would be very grateful if you could provide any available information regarding flooding in your area with as much detail as possible on timing and location. Please report online using the Flood Online Reporting Tool or you can respond directly to this email address with any photo or video attachments. You can also contact the Environment Agency Incident Hotline on 0800 80 70 60. In an emergency please dial 999.

Useful information includes:

  • Residential and commercial properties that are known to have flooded
  • Road, rail or other transport infrastructure affected
  • Any photos or videos of the above and inundated areas of floodplains

Find out more Blog: The Importance of Reporting Flooding | The Flood Hub

 Our advice to the public is to:

  • Stay safe and not enter floodwater.
  • Stay away from seafronts, quaysides and jetties, due to the risk of overtopping by waves.
  • Call Floodline on 0345 988 1188 for updates on flooding, to sign up for flood warnings, or to report flooding.
  • Go to the Gov.uk website or search ‘know my flood risk’ to sign up for Environment Agency flood warnings, receive information on the risk in your area and what to do in a flood.  
  • Sign up for Flood Warnings
  • Visit the Environment Agency website www.gov.uk/environment-agency which contains information on current river levels and flooding 
  • Follow us on X, formerly known as @EnvAgencySW
  • Visit our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/environmentagencywessex 

Many thanks,

Intelligence and Reporting

Flood and Coastal Risk Management | Wessex

Environment Agency | Rivers House, East Quay, Bridgwater, TA6 4YS